Guidance is an area where students can receive assistance with educational planning, career goals, personal counselling, or referrals to outside agencies.  Guidance counsellors are teachers with additional expertise in the area of Guidance and Career Education and are trained to help students make informed decisions about their future.


About Guidance
The Guidance Department has counsellors assigned to each grade level. These counsellors follow a cohort of students from Grade 9 through to graduation. Guidance counsellors provide programming specific to the needs of each grade. Counsellors are teachers with additional training who work with students individually and in groups providing educational planning, career planning, academic counselling and personal counselling. Students will have many opportunities to meet counsellors in group and individual sessions.

Course Selection and Changes

It is very important that students select their subjects and course streams wisely during the option selection process in February. Guidance Counsellors are available to assist students in making sound educational decisions. Opportunities to make timetable changes once the school year begins will be limited and will occur during the first week. Students requesting a course change must have parental permission and complete a “Course Change Request Form” and return this form to the guidance office with a parent/guardian signature. Guidelines and specific dates for timetable changes are available on the Donald A Wilson website, and in the Guidance Office.

Academic and Career Counselling

Guidance counsellors are available to assist students with career explorations and course selection. Counsellors work one-on-one with students and offer numerous academic and career programs including college and university application seminars, college and university fairs, scholarship assemblies, and tutoring information. Students access these programs through voluntary sign-up, classroom presentations and grade level assemblies. In addition, information about learn-at-home courses, summer school, night school, tutoring and extra help programs is available in the Guidance Office.

Personal Counselling

Counsellors are available to meet with students who are dealing with personal issues. Counsellors will recommend whether the student should be referred to a DDSB social worker or psychologist (parental permission is required for students who are under 18 years of age). Counsellors will inform students about community agencies who could also assist them with their personal problems.
 Guidance Team

Guidance Secretary - Christine Papageorgiou

Grade 9 - Stephanie Jackson

Grade 10 - Jennifer Matthews

Grade 11 - Kelly Stewart

Grade 12 - Nicole Chinnick (Head of Guidance)

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 My Blueprint - Course Calendar
(courses and availability are subject to change)


Co-operative Education Application

Hockey Skills Academy Application

Peer Tutoring Application

SHSM Environment Application

SHSM Sport Application

Click here for the Community Involvement Hours Form

Click here for the Employment-Based Community Involvement Hours Form

 Summer School 
Registration for DDSB Summer School is closed at this time. You can register for a course in MyBlueprint under the Continuing Education tab. Find full course descriptions, important dates, and more information at Durham Continuing Education.

Please check back regularly at for further updates and information regarding summer school

 Grade 8 Information

The Grade 8 Information presentations have recordings and videos attached.  Be sure to click on the audio icon for further details and the video links for tours of our school.  There is also a Google Form at the end to submit any questions you may have after viewing.  

Grade 8 Information presentations 2022/2023 - English Stream & French Immersion Stream 

Grade 8 Information Session 2022/2023 Frequently Asked Questions 

The Choosing My Success presentation from DDSB can also be accessed for additional information.


  • Community Hours Record Card: Click here for a copy of the Community Involvement Record Card. This document outlines what community service activities qualify and what ones do not. It also provides students with a chart to help them record their hours.

 Grade 9

Grade 9 Guidance Appointment Request

Grade 9 Course Selection - Choosing Courses for Grade 10

 Grade 10

Grade 10 Guidance Appointment Request

Refining My Pathway - Student Transition Guide: Planning for Grade 11 and 12

Grade 10 Course Selection - Choosing Courses for Grade 11

 Grade 11

Grade 11 Guidance Appointment Request

Refining My Pathway - Student Transition Guide: Planning for Grade 11 and 12

Grade 11 Course Selection - Choosing Courses for Grade 12

 Grade 12

Full Disclosure Date

Quadmester 1 = October 28, 2021

Quadmester 2 = January 17, 2022

Semester 2 = May 6, 2022

Grade 12 Guidance Appointment Request

Post-Secondary Information presentation

College Application Information

University Application Information

Designing My Future: Student Transition Guide: Planning for your initial post-graduation destination


Grade 12 Post-Secondary Information

Please refer to these links for Ontario colleges and universities. It is also recommended that students look directly at the FAQ's of their post-secondary institutions for answers regarding admissions. If students have applied to post-secondary schools outside of Ontario, they are advised to check the individual school websites of these schools.

Ontario undergraduate admissions - College

Ontario undergraduate admission - University


College and University Application Deadlines

January 13, 2022 = Ontario university deadline

February 1, 2022 = Ontario college deadline


Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of 20 Community Service Hours (As per Ministry direction, this change applies only to graduating students for 2021-2022.)

  • Successful completion of OSSLT (As per Ministry direction, the literacy graduation requirement will be waived for all graduating students for 2021-2022.)

  • Accumulation of 30 Credits

 How to Register


If you are a student who is currently attending another school board, Please complete the Durham District School Board Online Student Registration Form.

For all students looking to register with our school, you will need to provide the following supporting documents to our Guidance department prior to having a scheduled meeting with a school administrator and guidance counsellor. Please note, the scheduling of an interview does not guarantee acceptance to Donald A. Wilson Secondary School. 


  • Student birth certificate OR Passport

  • Permanent Resident Status

  • Official Transcript (Required for students attending high school outside Durham)

  • Status Sheet and/or credit counselling summary

  • Attendance Record

  • Most recent Report Card

  • Proof of Residency (Must be one of the following: Purchase Agreement for new home, Property Bill, Tax Assessment, Lease/Rental Agreement, Utility Bill (water, gas and hydro only)

  • Immunization Record

  • Proof of Custody if child does not reside with both parents

  • Student Visa/Study Permit (International students must contact Melanie Haight @ the board office prior to registration for an approval letter) 905-666-5500 x. 5497

  • Students outside of Ontario must make an appointment with "The Credential Centre" to have their out of province/country educational documents evaluated before a registration appointment can be completed (details will be given to you once all documents have been received for registration)

 Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Durham District School Board (DDSB) recognizes the needs of 21st century learners, and is offering a variety of online resources and

eLearning supports to students, teachers and parents. eLearning provides a flexible way to support student success.

 eLearning provides

  • a dynamic way to teach and learn

  • access to a wide variety of high-quality online courses including videos, activities, maps and interactive multimedia

  • learning tailored to individual student needs

  • easy and ready access to online resources and courses

  • more credit choices for graduation

  • more options for small and isolated schools

  • opportunities for parents to engage in their children's

  • education at home

  • enhance knowledge and comfort with online tools and technology

Summer School eLearning Opportunities

(Continuing Education)

Durham Continuing Education

eLearning Summer School Secondary Credit

eLearning is available through Durham Continuing Education in July and August for a variety of Grade 10-12 courses. Courses in the program are recommended for secondary students who wish to gain up to one credit in a subject they have not previously studied or wish to upgrade a mark in a course that they have successfully completed. Please note: Civics (CHV2O1) and Career Studies (GLC2O1) require separate registrations.

This program is ideal for students who cannot attend the full 18 day in-class Summer School regular day schedule. Up to one credit will be granted upon successful completion of the course.

eLearning Secondary Courses

The Durham District School Board (DDSB) is excited to announce they will be offering a number of courses in an online eLearning platform.

eLearning provides students with a flexible alternative to the face-to-face classroom. This online setting can support a student’s educational plan when courses are not available to them at the home school, when a flexible alternative learning environment is required or when matching student preferred learning styles to programming needs.

All of our secondary schools are participating in our eLearning program.

Interested DDSB students in Grades 11 and 12 have an opportunity to enroll in two online courses per year (one per semester). If you are interested in enrolling in one of these courses, please speak to a member of your school’s Guidance Department. 

Adult learners or students who have already graduated from secondary school should contact Durham Continuing Education​.

You are now able to order your transcripts online, please see the steps below.

You will have to create a School Cash On Line user account. Please go to Once you have created your account you can order your transcript and it will be available for pickup at the school in 3 to 5 business days. Click here for instructions on how to create an account.

Please click this link to process your payment.

Please contact the guidance office at 905-665-7615 or through the Donald A. Wilson email ( to let us know where to send the transcripts.

Choosing My Success